Pro Race 1.3

High performance application and big fitments that require a super light alloy wheel is what Pro Race 1.3 was designed for. Dedicated motorsport fitments, track day specials and high end road usage, this is exactly what the professional and enthusiasts need.


Size Offset PCD Min PCD Max PCD Weight
17x9.0 e18-23mm 5 stud 120mm 120mm 9.0kgs
18x8.5 e15-52mm 5 stud 108mm 130mm 11.0kgs
18x10.0 e15-65mm 5 stud 108mm 130mm 10.75kgs
19x8.5 e15-52mm 5 stud 108mm 130mm 11.5kgs
20x9.0* e15-45mm 5 stud 98mm 120mm 14.0kgs